Our treatment for cockroach control is unique and guaranteed to give you lasting results. With the use of modern pesticides developed to utilize the biological features of cockroaches we eliminate them with efficiency. This pesticides used are municipality approved, harmless to mammals and do not have any odor. We provide the clients with a six months cover. This period we protect your home from cockroach infestation with just the initial charge.

There are two types of cockroaches generally found in UAE

American Cockroaches

German Cockroaches

The treatment for both these species differs according to the area and environment of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do we have to move out of the house?

Ans. – No, the gel treatment is completely safe and odorless. There is no need to go out for any amount of time.

    1. How do we prepare for the treatment?

Ans. – Utensils from the kitchen cabinets should be removed before the technicians come for the service. Remove any kind of clutter in the house. Clean you house if possible and remove food wastes which act as feeding source for the roaches. Remove any old boxes and stacked newspapers. Fix any leaky faucets and pipes.

    1. What should be done after the technicians leave?

Ans. – Please allow at least 10-15 days for the chemicals to kill all of your cockroaches. Do not use any DIY insecticides from the local market. Seal your food items in air tight containers. Wipe your sink dry after use every night. Use trash cans with closed lids.

    1. What happens if I still find live cockroaches 15 days after the treatment?

Ans. – With the guarantee of 6 months we have got you covered any time in case the roaches show up again.

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